Contemporary Guitar Method

Contemporary Guitar Method

This is a non-examination course which prepares the learner quickly for the real world. Learn chord progressions and lead patterns and riffs. Your personal tutor will teach you chord by chord to play solo guitar. You will also learn to play with background progressions. The technical exercises and theory behind scales such as the pentatonic scale are explained in video tutorials and guitar charts. You can upload your own videos for commentary by your online guitar tutor.

This course is built on a variety of techniques from the following styles:

  • Classical and modern classical guitar
  • Rock
  • Blues
  • Jazz
  • Solo Techniques
  • R & B

The course is packed with exercises to prepare your hands, both left and right for guitar method. The correct application of the exercises will result in good tone and technique.

How is this course delivered?

We offer written tutorials, videos, charts and exercises online which becomes accessible to learners after registration.

The learner will spend half hour or 30 minutes online with the tutor learning the prescribed work.

Level 1 of this course is designed for absolute beginners and level 2 for intermediate learners.

Level 3 will become available soon and is intended for advanced players.